The third James Bond thriller from Raymond Benson, published in 1999.

When information vital to Britain’s national security is stolen by a shadowy organisation called the Union, the trail leads Bond from one of England’s most exclusive golf clubs to the cosmopolitan city of Brussels, and finally to an expedition up the icy heights of the legendary mountain Kangchenjunga, the third tallest peak in the world.

Bond must pit his strength and guile against two deadly adversaries – the forces of nature at high altitude and the most resourceful criminal minds he has ever encountered.

Raymond Benson has written over 35 books and served on the Board of Directors of The Ian Fleming Foundation for sixteen years.

Bond watched her as a wave of melancholy washed over him. It was a familiar friend, a bittersweet companion for his wretchedly solitary life.

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Written by Raymond Benson

Publisher - Ian Fleming Publications

Covers through the ages


Published in 1999

Publisher - Hodder & Stoughton


Published in 1999

Publisher - Putnam


Published in 2000

Publisher - Jove

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