Raymond Benson’s sixth James Bond novel is also his last in the series, published in 2002.

007 returns to Japan to face the terrifying threat of a deadly biological weapon.

When an important British businessman and his family are killed in Tokyo by a virulent form of West Nile disease, James Bond suspects a mass assassination. His mission to Japan reunites him with his old friend Tiger Tanaka. It’s been years since they worked together, but the dangers they faced then are nothing compared with what awaits them today.

Teamed with Japanese agent Reiko Tamura, 007 searches for the killers and the one surviving daughter, Mayumi. Bond’s discoveries lead him to believe that two powerful factions controlled by the mysterious Goro Yoshida are playing God. Between them they have created the perfect weapon, one small and seemingly insignificant enough to strike anywhere, unnoticed.

With an emergency G8 summit meeting just days away, Bond has his work cut out for him to discover when – and how – the next attack will occur. It’s a race against time as Bond confronts both man and nature in a desperate bid to stop the release of a deadly virus that could destroy the Western world.

Raymond Benson has written over 35 books and served on the Board of Directors of The Ian Fleming Foundation for sixteen years.


'Reiko-san, I believe we have encountered an extreme emergency.'

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