THE LOCK ARTIST by Steve Hamilton  (Orion)

‘Hamilton has real narrative flair, keeping two time schemes going and producing plenty of twists as well as a very sympathetic lead character who never utters a word throughout the novel.’


THE GOOD SON by Michael Gruber  (Corvus)

‘Big high-concept thriller. We were impressed with the portrayal of the female characters and the skilful interweaving of both physical and psychological jeopardy. Very original take on the War on Terror.’

COLD RAIN by Craig Smith  (Myrmidon)

‘Really well crafted. Intelligent, elliptical story-telling. Good thriller and pace.’

BEFORE I GO TO SLEEP by SJ Watson  (Doubleday)

‘Beautifully realised and enticingly stylised – really gripping and scary. Accomplished and highly effective debut.’


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