Original Summary

Date Published: 1996

In this white-knuckle 007 thriller, John Gardner leads master spy James Bond on a four-year search for terrorists in the skies – and into a deadly nest of doomsday killers.

The night that Flight 229 is torn apart at Washington’s Dulles Airport, killing all 435 passengers aboard, a mission begins that will become an obsession for James Bond.

Who is responsible for destroying the aircraft? Was it a straightforward act of terrorism against a British-owned symbol? An assassination aimed at only one person? A ruthless attempt to put the airline out of business? For Bond, only one of the victims matters: his former lover and old friend, the Principessa Sukie Tempesta.

The search for Sukie’s killers will turn out to be the most complex and demanding assignment of Bond’s career. Across continents and through ever-changing labyrinths of evil, he follows the traces of clues into the centre of a fanatical society more deadly than any terrorist army. Its code name is COLD the Children of the Last Days. What he finds there is chilling indeed.

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