Death is Forever

‘Death by electrocution, cyanide, pistol, drowning, and garrotting… fans won’t be disappointed.’  – Booklist

Original Summary

Date Published: 1992

Before the Berlin Wall came down, Cabal had been the West’s most successful intelligence network in the East.

Wolfgang Weisen was once the master spy of East Germany; now he plans to drive Europe to its knees. Known as ‘The Poison Dwarf’, he systematically murders the members of Cabal.

Revenge? Or something more?

Then two experienced case officers, sent to contact the remaining Cabal agents, are killed in turn.

James Bond and the CIA’s Elizabeth Zara – known as ‘Easy’ St John – are ordered in to pick up the pieces.

And uncover a fanatical conspiracy, dedicated to the destruction of democracy right across Europe.

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