For Your Eyes Only

For Your Eyes Only

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Mr Fleming’s licensed assassin is in good form. Few men can have been able to mix business with pleasure so successfully as Bond, The Times Literary Supplement

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Short Stories

First published From a View to a Kill
The Girl For Your Eyes Only
Bond Villain Quantam of Solace
The Location Risico
The Film The Hildebrand Rarity


A departure from the full-length James Bond novels, For Your Eyes Only is a stunning collection of five stories that sends 007 to Bermuda, Berlin, and beyond, and places him in the dangerous company of adversaries of all varieties.

“From a View to a Kill” whisks Bond to the French countryside where he must go undercover to expose a deadly secret-intelligence plot, and in “For Your Eyes Only,” 007 is absorbed into a private vendetta of M’s, blurring the lines between the personal and professional. In “Quantum of Solace,” Bond attends a dinner party in the Bahamas and learns how passion can soon twist into cruelty, while “Risico” forces the secret agent to fight for the lesser of two evils in a smuggling war set amid the Mediterranean. Finally, “The Hildebrand Rarity” lands 007 in an old-fashioned murder mystery at sea, where even he has a secret to keep.

A collection of both classic intrigue and intrepid self-examination, For Your Eyes Only packs full, vibrant worlds into five classic tales.

Classic Quote

Bond stopped. One of the iron bollards was beside him. He sat down and rested the gun on his knee. It pointed at the centre of Colombo’s big stomach. He said: ‘Five harpoons in me won’t stop one bullet in you, Colombo.’

Colombo smiled and nodded, and the man who had been coming softly up behind Bond hit him once hard in the base of the skull with the butt of his Luger.

– Risico

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