‘As enjoyable for all ages of adolescents as the originals.’ – The Evening Standard

Original Summary

Date Published: 1983

Indestructible as ever, Bond is back in a third assignment from John Gardner – a deadly assignment undertaken in cohort with Bond’s opposite numbers from the United States, the Soviet Union and Israel in the desolate Arctic wastes of Lapland. Yet if resurgent fascism is the common enemy, who is really to be feared? Can SMERSH be trusted to resist the temptation to seek vengeance on Bond? Is it the breezy American or the voluptuous Israeli who is acting as a double agent? Are the Finns merely using Bond to break the K.G.B.’s stranglehold on their tenuous national autonomy?

Never has Bond encountered such an unnervingly deceitful bunch of collaborators or been subject to such a bewildering series of potentially lethal shocks.

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