James Bond: The Man And His World


Everyone is a Bond fan – but how many of us truly know Ian Fleming’s brilliant original creation? This is the irresistible and definitive illustrated passport to his life and times.

For over half a century the Bond novels have entertained millions around the world. But no book has used the Fleming archive to explore the three-dimensional world of this quintessential secret agent, revealing what inspired it, and who inspired him. Complete, authoritative and entertaining, it will take you on a journey through myth and reality, from Moscow to Mayfair, the bedroom to the war-room, the casino to the villain’s lair.

About the Author

Henry Chancellor¬†is the author of the highly acclaimed Colditz: The Definitive History. His remarkable television series, Escape from Colditz, won sweeping critical praise and has been shown worldwide. His documentaries for television include The Great Belzoni, Millenium and Commando. Henry published the first in a series of new childrens’ books, The Museum’s Secret: The Remarkable Adventures of Tom Scatterhorn, in 2008.

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