Role of honour

‘John Gardner has gradually worked himself into his own role as the owner creator of James Bond.’ Margaharita Laski,  – THE LISTENER

Current Summary

Date Published: 1984

James Bond abandons his 007 status, resigns from the Service, and heads south for Monte Carlo in his new Bentley Mulsanne Turbo in search of a new role of honour. What brings about this extraordinary change of fortune in the life of the most celebrated blunt instrument the British Government has ever wielded? What unthinkable consequences will it have in the international game of cat-and-mouse played out so the rest of us can sleep safe in our beds? Bond’s legacy from his Uncle Bruce in Australia specifically requires him to spend the first £100,000 frivolously, on any sort of riotous living of his choice, within a given time. The choice is exercised partly by renewal of Bond’s passion for that prince of cars, the Bentley. His departure from the Service requires rather more explanation. Questions in the House all revolved round a possible security leak, with Her Majesty’s Opposition accusing the Minister of a cover-up. Bond’s grievance is less that he should come under suspicion than that his honour is impeached by the manner in which the truth is exposed.

John Gardner’s fiendish plot embroils Bond with a computer wizard absconding from his duties at the Pentagon, a sinister mercenary army training in secret for an audacious terrorist operation, and a hare-brained flight over Geneva while Summit Peace Talks are in progress there, before honour is fully restored.
from the Hodder and Stoughton hardback jacket copy

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