Original Summary

Date Published: 1994

A new Double-0 Section has risen from the ashes of the old British Secret Service. Now, the entire organisation has been split up and the Double-0 section reports to a small government committee called MicroGlobe One. Gone are the days when James Bond was answerable only to M. Gone also is the old licence to kill, for the new section’s targets are not individuals but large corporations. Gone is the automatic pistol, replaced by the pocket calculator.

But weapons are reinstated when Bond is put on the trail of the self-made billionaire, Sir Maxwell Tarn, whose business empire spans the globe, and whose activities appear to include illegal dealing in weapons on a grand global scale.

With the shrewd assistance of Flicka von Grusse, 007 follows a maze of trails from London to Spain, Israel and Germany. But they are on board Tarn’s floating laboratory off the coast of Puerto Rico when their own prey becomes their captor. There, Bond and Flicka realise their misstep has placed them squarely in the audience to a deadly experiment that will trigger ecological disaster of global proportions.

The fate of the oceans, not to mention their own lives, lies in stopping Tarn before his cache of deadly weapons destroys much more than a few pristine islands in the Caribbean.

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