Forever and a Day UK Cover Revealed

The stunning UK hardback cover for Forever and a Day was revealed today.  The cover design for Anthony Horowitz’s second Bond novel cleverly ties the French Riviera setting to the deadly world of espionage with a luxury yacht doubling as a bullet shooting from a gun.  The design team at Penguin Random House have created a cover that is both dramatic and stylish, and totally befitting of a 007 adventure.  When asked about their inspiration for the cover they said:

‘When we began working on the cover design for Forever and a Day, so many icons and ideas came to mind, there is such a wealth of imagery associated with Bond that we looked at a huge variety of options. There is a boat which plays a major part in the plot of the book and we considered images of yachts in the Riviera but they tended to look too much like a travel brochure. We looked at photographs of yachts taken from odd and unexpected angles, and when we found images from above, the idea of it doubling as a bullet suddenly clicked. This uses well known Bond iconography but also hints at the plot of Forever and a Day.’

Final UK half full


To celebrate that Forever and a Day is a prequel to Casino Royale, Vintage UK will be releasing a new paperback edition of Ian Fleming’s first James Bond adventure with a special introduction by Anthony Horowitz.  The cover design compliments the style of the Forever and a Day hardback and draws on the themes of violence, card play and shattered romance.

Casino Royale tie-in FAAD pb cover

Fans will have to wait until 31st May in the UK for their copy of Forever and a Day but to pre-order your copy, click here.  The novel will be released in the US this autumn and other international territories will be announced soon.

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