Doctor No Illustrated Collector’s Edition

Written by Ian Fleming

Publisher - Folio Society

This lavish Folio edition, with artwork by acclaimed illustrator Fay Dalton, pays homage to the enormous success of Ian Fleming’s iconic novels.

Sent to Jamaica to investigate the mysterious disappearance of an MI6 station chief, James Bond expected to spend most of his time relaxing in the Caribbean sun. But from the moment he first set foot on the island, someone’s been trying to kill him…

All the evidence points to only one man: Dr Julius No, a reclusive megalomaniac with steel pincers for hands. On his way to Dr. No’s secluded headquarters, 007 taps some native intelligence in the form of Honeychile Rider, an alluring beachcomber whose natural beauty beguiles all who encounter it. Where there’s beauty, there’s danger, however, as Bond discovers when he runs afoul of the good doctor’s strict “No Trespassing” policy.

Now, if he’s to leave the island alive, Bond must survive the deadliest gauntlet of all: sadistic obstacle course that could only have sprung from the depraved mind of Dr No.


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