Steve Cole’s first Young Bond novel follows on from By Royal Command, and is the sixth in the series.

Expelled from Eton and determined never to trust again, James Bond’s plans for a solitary summer are dashed by the discovery of a gruesome film reel – a reel someone is willing to kill for.

Travelling from the English countryside to Los Angeles, James finds himself caught up in a sinister plot of blackmail, murder and revenge that goes way beyond any Hollywood gangster movie. His friends in danger, his life on the line, James must find a way out.

Or die trying.

Steve Cole is a British children’s and sci-fi author best known for his hugely successful Astrosaurs series for younger readers.

'But the danger!'
'What’s life without a little danger?'
'Longer,' Hugo suggested.


Shoot to Kill Audiobook

Steve Cole’s first Young Bond adventure takes the hero to Hollywood. In the bright lights and glitz of show business, something considerably darker is going …

Narrated by Nathaniel Parker

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