Win, Lose or Die

Written by John Gardner

Publisher - Orion

The eighth James Bond novel by John Gardner.

A deadly terrorist group is planning to attack a British aircraft carrier. On board will be the leaders of the UK, USA and USSR, gathered together for a summit meeting. M promotes Bond to Captain and returns him to the Navy in order to prevent the most audacious ransom plot ever attempted. But Bond’s involvement has not gone unnoticed. A stunning and lethal assassin has already been given orders to kill him. 007 finds himself caught in the middle of a massive war game. If he’s to thwart the terrorists’ death-dealing plot, he can’t afford to trust anyone…

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Win, Lose or Die Audiobook

When M receives word that a known terrorist organization is planning to infiltrate and destroy a top-secret British Royal Navy aircraft carrier-based summit of world …

Narrated by Simon Vance

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Written by John Gardner

Publisher - Orion


Written by John Gardner

Publisher - Orion

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