Moneypenny Returns!

The indomitable Miss Moneypenny is back!

The Moneypenny Diaries trilogy, first published in 2005-2006, reveals the innermost life of Jane Moneypenny – secretary (and confidante) extraordinaire at MI6. In a series of journals uncovered by her niece, Kate Westbrook, (and transcribed by author Samantha Weinberg) Moneypenny details her private thoughts, top secret information about the Double O section, as well as her – strictly classified – adventures beyond the Double O office . . .

And now, two bonus diary entries are available as a free ebook for the first time. Originally published in Tatler and The Spectator magazine, short stories First Date and For Your Eyes Only, James offer a further tantalising glimpse the life of James Bond’s co-conspiritor, the ever-resourceful Miss Moneypenny.

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