Moonraker Radio 4 Dramatisation

Could there be a better way to spend this Saturday afternoon than by tuning into the brilliant new feature-length James Bond adventure from Jarivs & Ayres Productions on BBC Radio 4? Martin Jarvis directs a stellar cast including the fantastic Toby Stephens as James Bond and the glamorous Katherine Kingsley as Gala Brand in Moonraker.

‘He must play the role which she expected of him. The tough man of the world. The Secret Agent. The man who was only a silhouette.’

It’s 1954. Bond is sent undercover to protect the Moonraker rocket against possible treachery. Can the launch go ahead?

British patriot Sir Hugo Drax, played by the brilliant Samuel West, has built an atomic rocket, The Moonraker, vital to Britain’s defences. It’s ready for a trial launch. But after a double murder at Moonraker’s secret base James Bond goes undercover to investigate. He and Special Branch agent Gala Brand uncover some suspicious activities which leads them to suspect Draz’s motives but can they act in time to prevent a catastrophe?

‘He stood speechless, his eye dazzled by the terrible beauty of the greatest weapon on earth.’


With special thanks to Lucy Fleming and Eon Productions Ltd, Archie Scottney’s compelling dramatization of Ian Fleming’s novel is Jarvis & Ayres’ seventh ‘Bond on Radio 4’.

Moonraker will air on BBC Radio 4 on Saturday 31st March at 2.30pm.

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