New Thrilling Cities Audiobook from W F Howes

Let James Bond creator, Ian Fleming, take you on a journey to 14 of the world’s most exciting cities. A new audiobook of Thrilling Cities is out now, narrated by Barnaby Edwards, better known as the voice of the Daleks in Doctor Who!

In 1959, the Sunday Times commissioned Ian Fleming to write a series of travel articles which was later collected into a book.  From New York to Naples and Hamburg to Honolulu,  Thrilling Cities is a brilliantly nostalgic treat of an audiobook, transporting the listener back to a time when travelling abroad was not commonplace. This is no ordinary guidebook. Discovering 14 of the most thrilling cities in the world, Fleming leaves the bright main streets for the back alleys, abandons the tourist sites in favour of underground haunts and mingles with celebrities, gangsters and geishas alike.

Despite claiming to be ‘The world’s worst sightseer’ Fleming seems to drill to the core of every city he visits. And the author’s celebrated style is not lost in this non-fiction book which has the same pace and carefully constructed descriptive passages that are found on the pages of the Bond novels.  When trying to convince Fleming to undertake this series, the editor of the Sunday Times declared, ‘In your James Bond books, even if people can’t put up with James Bond and those fancy heroines of yours, they seem to like the exotic backgrounds’. Fleming describes everything around him in such precise detail that the listener can really picture themselves in his shoes, experiencing these countries first hand.

‘All my life I have been interested in adventure and, abroad, I have enjoyed the frisson of leaving the wide, well-lit streets and venturing up back alleys in search of the hidden authentic pulse of towns’


Fleming seems to relish every aspect of travelling: the smells, the sights, the changeable weather, the exotic cuisine and even the challenges he is faced with. This is a brilliant summer adventure to listen to whilst travelling, or at home to help yourself imagine more exciting surroundings. Wherever you listen to it, you are sure to enjoy this feast for all the senses.

Selection of travel information for a trip to Japan including maps, flight information for the BOAC service and Japan airlines ephemera, from trip to Japan to research You Only Live Twice
Selection of travel information for a trip to Japan to research You Only Live Twice, including maps, flight information for the BOAC service and Japan airlines ephemera.


You can buy the Thrilling Cities Audiobook on Amazon and the W. F. Howes website.

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