James Bond, recently out of Afghanistan with the Royal Naval Reserve, is about to take on one of the most crucial missions of his career. His failure will result in the deaths of thousands across the globe and the triumph of a particularly nasty villain obsessed with the manifestations of waste and decay…

…and James Bond has precisely one week to complete his mission.

Bond’s recent recruitment to a new agency set up post 9/11, means he is now operating independently of MI5, MI6 and the MoD. In fact, even the very existence of his agency is deniable.

Bond’s mission begins in Serbia, when he thwarts the plans of a mysterious man attempting to derail a train cargo carrying highly toxic chemical waste into the Danube. Soon, his assignment takes him to Dubai and onto South Africa, where he encounters some very corrupt characters with detrimental plans for an ‘efficient’ ways to deal with the contemporary problem of waste. Faced with such a momentous appointment, Bond must protect the realm by any means necessary, as whispers of an attack are decrypted, with casualties expected in their thousands. And Agent 007 has been given Carte Blanche.

Jeffery Deaver is an international number one best-selling author.  His books are sold in 150 countries and have been translated into over 25 different languages.

Death was efficiency squandered. Yet there seemed to be no way around it tonight.

007 Essentials

  • First published 2011
  • Leading Lady Ophelia Maidenstone
  • Villain Severan Hydt

Carte Blanche Audiobook

Thousands will die. It is not known where, or how, or who is behind the threat. 007 is given carte blanche to do anything necessary to …

Narrated by Toby Stephens

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