Written by Raymond Benson

Publisher - Ian Fleming Publications

The fourth book in Raymond Benson’s James Bond series.

An intricately organised criminal organisation has vowed revenge on the man who thwarted their last coup: James Bond, 007. Their method is ingenious – to force 007 into believing he’s going mad.

The only way Bond can regain his sanity is to embark on a personal mission that takes him from the seedy underbelly of London’s Soho to the souks of Tangier; from a terrorist training camp in Morocco to the clutches of a fatal Spanish beauty with links to an international assassination plot. Each step brings Bond closer to a final, sinister face-to-face confrontation…with himself.

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Doubleshot Audiobook

The intricately organized criminal conspiracy called the Union has vowed its revenge on the man who thwarted its last coup. Now, the Union’s mysterious leader …

Narrated by Simon Vance

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