Dr. No

Written by Ian Fleming

Publisher - Vintage Classics

The sixth James Bond book by Ian Fleming.

Dr. No, a sinister recluse with mechanical pincers for hands and a sadistic fascination with pain, holds James Bond firmly in his steely grasp. Bond and Honey Rider, have been captured trespassing on Dr. No’s secluded Caribbean island. Intent on protecting his clandestine operations from the British secret service, Dr. No sees an opportunity to dispose of an enemy and further his diabolical research. Soon, Bond and Rider are fighting for their lives in a murderous game of Dr. No’s choosing …

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Dr. No Audiobook

M thinks he has an easy case for 007. Exactly what’s needed after his latest near-fatal encounter with SMERSH. However, arriving in Jamaica to look …

Narrated by Hugh Quarshie

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Written by Ian Fleming

Publisher - Vintage Classics