Black Box is the third James Bond story arc from Dynamite Entertainment‘s new James Bond comics series.

James Bond is back in the field. His mission an assassination – the purview of the 00 section. But when another assassin takes the shot, and turns the gun on Bond, 007’s curiosity is aroused. Outdone, Bond returns to London.

There is no time for rest or contemplation, however. The Intelligence Service has suffered a major data breach. Sensitive, dangerous, even incriminating information is out in the ether, or in the hands of an unknown enemy. Given the severity of the attack, and the urgent need for safe recovery of the data – Bond is sent without delay to Tokyo. He must follow the only lead Mi6 can muster. He must track down the technology magnate Saga Genji. But he’s not the only one looking for the information – the ‘Black Box’ is out in the water…and the sharks are circling.

With Black Box a new creative team enters the fray, featuring story by Benjamin Percy, art by Rapha Lobosco, colours by Chris O’Halloran and letters by the returning Simon Bowland. Ian Fleming’s agent is back in the field, but what use is a blunt instrument when the threat to his nation is invisible, intangible? 007 must prove his worth lest a wave of chaos engulf the very foundations of World Security.

Issues 1-6 of Black Box are collected in this hardcover edition.

Benjamin Percy is a writer of comic books, and has previously worked on Green Arrow and Teen Titans for DC. He has also written four novels, including Red Moon and The Dark Net.

Rapha Lobosco is an artist based in Dublin. He has produced, drawn and written his own comic, Day Job, and has worked on the space thriller, Heavy Black.

'You might not have any shame, 007. But other people do'

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