Bond’s second secret mission is a tale pounding with the rhythm of voodoo drums and the mystic allure of the supernatural.  On the trail of suspicious pirate gold, 007 is sent to investigate its source.  Teaming up with his CIA counterpart Felix Leiter, the pair are led from the smoky jazz clubs of Harlem to the Florida Keys and on to the exotic shores of Jamaica.  The treasure trail leads Bond to the criminal kingpin Mr Big who has enlisted the help of second-sighted beauty Solitaire.  Bond recognises Solitaire’s vulnerability and aims to save her whilst uncovering the scope of Mr Big’s operations.  The full forces of nature and the afterlife are unleashed against Bond in this mission but will 007 triumph in the face of such almighty evil?

When Live and Let Die was first published in 1954, The Sunday Times review said: ‘Speed… tremendous zest… communicated excitement.  Brrh! How wincingly well Mr Fleming writes.’  This graphic novel adaptation retains all of the thrill of the original novel and the artwork elevates the narrative to new heights.  Baal expertly depicts the eerie forces of voodoo and the horrors of the ocean practically swim off the page.

Van Jensen is a former crime reporter and now a leading writer of comic books, working on iconic characters including The Flash, Green Lantern, Superman and James Bond. He has also penned Cryptocracy for Dark Horse, and is the first comic book ambassador for the USA.
Kewber Baal is the artist behind graphic novels like Jeepers Creepers, Kiss, Green Hornet and Jennifer Blood.

'There's nothing to do about it. You start to die the moment you are born. The whole of life is cutting through the pack with death.'

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