It’s 1957 and James Bond (agent 007) has only just survived his showdown with Auric Goldfinger at Fort Knox. By his side is Pussy Galore, who was with him at the end.

Unknown to either of them, the USSR and the West are in a deadly struggle for technological superiority. And SMERSH is back.

The Soviet counter-intelligence agency plans to sabotage a Grand Prix race at the most dangerous track in Europe, Nürburgring, ‘the Green Hell’. But it’s Bond who finds himself in the driving seat and events take an unexpected turn when he observes a suspicious meeting between SMERSH’s driver and a sinister Korean millionaire, Sin Jai-Seong (AKA Jason Sin).

Soon Bond is pitched into an entirely different race with implications that could change the world. Thrown together with American agent, Jeopardy Lane, Bond uncovers a plan that will bring the West to its knees in a heart-stopping climax.

Trigger Mortis includes original material by Ian Fleming, specifically from a TV treatment entitled ‘Murder on Wheels’. For the first time, Fleming’s own writing features alongside a contemporary author, drawing Bond back to his origins.

Anthony Horowitz recreates the golden age of Bond, packed with speed, danger, strong women and fiendish villains, in this brilliantly authentic adventure.

Anthony Horowitz has written over 40 books including the bestselling teen spy series Alex Rider and was awarded an OBE for his services to literature in January 2014.

Bernardo and another mechanic pushed him off and suddenly he was away, just he and the Maserati, plunging into the green hell…

007 Essentials

  • First published 2015
  • Leading Lady Jeopardy Lane
  • Villain Jason Sin

Trigger Mortis Audiobook

Incorporating original, never-before-published material from 007 creator Ian Fleming, New York Times bestselling author Anthony Horowitz returns literary legend James Bond to his 1950s heyday …

Narrated by David Oyelowo

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