Shaken: How to mix the perfect… Diamonds Are Forever

Wondering what Christmas present to give the James Bond fan in your family?  Look no further than Shaken: Drinking with James Bond and Ian Fleming.  This fantastic cocktail book is a collection of classic drinks from the books and new drinks inspired by the characters and plots of the James Bond novels and the life of Ian Fleming.  Devised by the mixologists at award-winning bar, Swift in London’s West End, these cocktails are a delicious voyage of discovery through Fleming’s writing.  Today we look at how to make the perfect Diamonds Are Forever.

Diamonds fascinated Ian Fleming who was inspired to write his fourth novel Diamonds Are Forever after reading an article in The Sunday Times about the illicit diamond trade in Sierra Leone.  This article also lead Fleming to conduct his own investigations into Diamond Smuggling which he published as a non-fiction book in 1957, The Diamond Smugglers.

‘This time, he thought, there could be no doubt about it. This stone also had the thirty-two facets above and the twenty-four below of the brilliant-cut, and it was also about twenty carats, but what he now held had a heart of blue-white flame, and the infinite colours reflected and refracted from its depths lanced into his eye like needles. With his left hand he picked up the quartz dummy and held it beside the diamond in front of his glass. It was a lifeless chunk of matter, almost opaque beside the dazzling translucence of the diamond, and the rainbow colours he had seen a few minutes before were now coarse and muddy.

Bond put down the piece of quartz and gazed again into the heart of the diamond. Now he could understand the passion that diamonds had inspired through the centuries, the almost sexual love they aroused among those who handled them and cut them and traded in them. It was domination by a beauty so pure that it held a kind of truth, a divine authority before which all other material things turned, like the bit of quartz, to clay. In these few minutes Bond understood the myth of diamonds, and he knew that he would never forget what he had suddenly seen inside the heart of this stone.’ – Diamonds Are Forever




Shaken is out in shops now and available through this link.

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