Before Casino Royale was published, Fleming set about writing the second novel to feature Special Agent 007.  Whereas James Bond’s first adventure was composed mostly from memory, Live and Let Die was a more professional affair with Fleming undertaking detailed research before settling into his 2,000 words-a-day regime.  He had explored the territory of his villain, Mr Big, on a trip to Harlem in December 1952, information on gold doubloons and Spanish treasure was supplied by Spink, London’s premier coin dealers and he visited a live worm factory whilst on a visit to Florida with Ann at the start of 1953.  Meanwhile, he need only look out of his window at Goldeneye for inspiration for the setting of the book’s climax.  Live and Let Die entered UK bookshops on 5th April 1954 and earned Fleming much praise, including the enthusiastic Sunday Times review, ‘Speed… tremendous zest… communicated excitement.  Brrh!  How wincingly well Mr Fleming writes.’

‘When I come against a man like this one, I have another motto.  It’s live and let die.’

Live and Let Die

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